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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  September 1, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. you're watching the station that works for you. >> they won't let us stay. they are going to make us sit in traffic. >> one and down the east coast vacation plans in chaos as hurricane earl continues to churn in the atlantic. good evening. i'm kelley swoop. the latest data is just coming in. let's get right to wyatt with the latest. >> hot off the press. here is the word. earl a little stronger threatening the united states and midatlantic coast. that would be us. let's look at this.
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still a category four. now with winds the highest we have seen, sustained at 140 miles an hour. this is a large hurricane and very powerful. you can see it starting to turn northward and still projected to come right up the united states east coast. impact the outer banks before it passes close to maryland, virginia and delaware. in fact right up to the virginia border now. it's a hurricane warning in effect. a hurricane watch still for ocean city and delaware beaches and a tropical storm warning for maryland and delaware. beach forecast for people headed down there this three day weekend. earl will be very close through the day on friday. high about 88. the big deal the winds and surf. eight to ten feet or higher. rip currents a problem to. we will talk act the latest and your outlook coming up. >> thank you. the coast guard and the natural resources police preparing just in case earl decides to push
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farther inland. we are live with that part of the story. >> reporter: kelley labor day weekend always one of the busiest boating weekends of the year. take a look. the marina has a lot of empty spaces. not sure if people moved their boats out. that row is usually filled with smaller boats, even sailboats. some of the larger boats aren't going anywhere. they are been hunkered down. people who go out and get the rescued boaters are always ready. they have one more thing to worry about. if you can't take the boat out of the water secure it with extra lines. that's what the coast guard has been doing as they wait to see what the hurricane might bring. once you have the boat secure officials hope you will leave it right where it is. >> we recommend that during this event you stay off the water. there is really -- to much to risk. >> reporter: to much risk because of shifting tid es and pocket for high winds even if
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most of the hurricane stays off shore. >> be prepared for the worst. all of the vessels are made ready. duty assignments are assigned and we proceed with the best available information we have. >> reporter: if you take your boat out are you asked to file a float plan. tell somebody where you are going and when you expect to be back. also wear a life jack and the make sure your radio is working, cell phones aren't always reliable on the water and don't forget to secure your smaller devices. an empty floating kayak could bring unnecessary rescue attempts. >> the predictions and the models we don't want to get a false sense of hope. we want to avoid it. >> reporter: that's the advice of the coast guard. just keep it in the dock if youk. the coast guard is taking inventory of the commercial vessels docked in the port to
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make sure they know what's here in case anything happens to be move fire department the weather gets bad. right now no indication that the port will have to be closed but they are monitoring the storm. >> all right. thank you. while while it seems unlikely earl will have a major impact its kitchen in ocean city. the shore is under a hurricane watch bracing for high winds and very heavy surf. the timing really couldn't be worse. earl is coming around the same time as thousands head in for the holiday weekend. don harrison has more from ocean city. >> reporter: as the sun went down on ocean city so do the idea of a perfect labor day weekend. it looks like it'll get some sort of wind or rain on friday. the mayor said thursday night is critical. >> thursday night is going to be a criticized cool time. we want to make sure the track doesn't change to the west. after it bumps the cape we want
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to see what it'll do there, if it'll slow down. >> reporter: emergency management officials say they expect tropical storm force winds, one to two inches of rain. rough surf, all between three and three friday. some vacationers take it if stride. >> we will get a little rain on friday which is always a good thing for the farmers and the surf is fine. i have been in three times today and three times yesterday. >> reporter: wave riders love this stuff. once you get up your nerve it's wide open. >> we will see the winds, sue some elevated surf as well as high water downtown. >> reporter: emergency services director wants you to use common sense. >> message is that those who are living here, friday will be a lousy day, stay inside, make protective measures and for those who come for the weekend
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consider delaying until the storm passes. >> reporter: they emergency management people say they can change quick as conditions. in ocean city don harrison for abc 2news. >> the governor has signed a declaration of emergency and for some its stirring bad memories of isabel. even as a tracking across the western maryland 2003 isabel caused flooding up and down the bay. firefighters at the north point volunteer fire company are putting their initial emergency plans in to motion and really asking residents to do the same. >> you never know what will come up the bay. high winds, whatever push the water up. i hope that -- get a bottle of water and the flash lights going and just watch the weather. that's all we ask. >> reporter: flooding from the
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hurricane destroyed almost 300 homes in baltimore county. stay with us for complete live team coverage as earl moves up the coast. that starts tomorrow at five with good morning maryland and then join us at 4:00 p.m. for a live one hour special tracking hurricane early leading into the news at five and six with live reports ocean city. we will be back tomorrow night and then friday morning good morning maryland starts one hour early at 4:00 a.m. and our live team coverage will continue throughout the day. you can get the latest information on hurricane earl on the website, abc check out up to the minute news on the home page and for everything there is no know just go to the weather tab and click hurricane center >> moved in. they shot the suspect. the suspect is dead.
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>> after several tense hours in silver spring a gunman is dead but his hostages safe and sound. 43-year-old james lee went in to the discovery channel headquarters early this afternoon. more than four hours later he was shot and killed. during that time silver spring was on edge. pete oneill has more. >> reporter: it's a place where television shows produced every day. today this was no television show. it was for real. >> everybody -- move as far from the building as you can. >> reporter: it all started about 1:00 p.m. today. >> he came in with explosive devices strapped to his person. we believe that he also came in with two boxes and two backpacks that we suspect may have explosives in them. >> reporter: as folks watched the scene unfold there was a
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sense of nervousness. >> nervous. i was -- talking to my friends, texting back and forth because they said he had explosives and you don't know how they are today. thinking of 9/11 and what happened and people in blocks of there. i was america. >> reporter: the child care center was cleared inside the building. some had to walk long distances because a lot of streets were blocked. for others, they couldn't even get home. >> employee concern -- and he used to be an employee and he was angry so i don't think it's a reflection of anything in silver springs. >> reporter: how does this story end? >> suspect was shot by police officers. the device appeared to go off. we haven't confirmed that as of this time. we saw smoke.
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>> reporter: abc 2news. >> now in silver spring the police say the streets remain closed and there is still a strong police presence. it's a problem hitting cities across the city, bed bugs. a woman said the creepy crawlers made her apartment unliveable and now now she is fighting them and her loved one. in you are waiting for a check against the diamond company you will be waiting a lot longer. >> one big story was the heat. first day of september. 95 degrees. four degrees off the old record from the 1960s. of course the other big story, earl as strong as it's ever been tonight. much more on where it's headed next coming up.
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fifteen percent or more on car insurance. . new at 11 after her challenger released two adds the state's attorney has an add of her own. >> for years i worked on -- replaced and moving in the right direction. our state's attorney is the big reason why. since --. >> providing the voice over for the 30 second spot that was up loaded to facebook this afternoon. she goes onto site --. back to the top story tonight. if earl does what the computers say he will do, north carolina figures to take the first big blow. as many as 30,000 were ordered to leave harris island and some weren't happy about it. bill and his family were forced
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to abandon their two week vacation. >> rented a big house and they kicked us out. >> the storm is expected to pass with in 60 to 90 miles early friday morning. forecasters fear even a slight change could be devastating. >> now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> taking a look at the latest projections that came if? >> interesting storm here. it's actually strengthened some more. we started it weaker down to a category three. back to a four this afternoon. now up to 140 miles an hour sustained winds in the -- disstanca us cross is impressive. it doesn't have to come in right on the beaches. we are with in 100 miles. >> looks big. >> yeah. two measures of any hush, the strength around the eye wall
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and the size. this would be a very large hurricane. it's a big one. let's take a look. close in view. hurricane earl, what are the changes? it's strengthening. we see those deeper shades of red. very high storm tops. extremely well defined eye wall. that was the one thing the storm was missing up through about the middle of this afternoon. not that clearly defined of an eye but that's changed big time tonight. that is also a sign of additional strengthening with our hurricane here. you can see different perspective here. we are now just about 700 miles south of ocean city with the storm and the track does turn it further north and up through the outer banks with hurricane warnings up close. a hurricane watch, lewis delaware, all the spots winds sustained 140. again this 732 miles south right now. it's moving further and further in our direction.
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it'll pull out friday into saturday. this will be a quick mover. just to pin down the track. if you are planning to go down to the beaches this three day weekend, friday morning 8:00 we are talking about things picking up. wind wise, waiver wise, tides will run above normal. a coastal flood watch for place around the chesapeake bay. you can see the strength of that storm still about a category three. goes to two as it passes well north of ocean city. again any change on this track, if it shifts just slightly further to the west that would bring it up much more directly into areas of interest to us here in maryland. all the way down to virginia beach. tropical storm warning as well. we know we are will get tropical storm force winds and then down around north carolina there they expect hurricane force winds. right now ocean city not much wind but the outer bands of clouds starting to come in for
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earl. right now things clear. humidity at 62%. it was hot today. very very hot. four degrees you've the all time record for the first day of september. that's been the other story. dryer and hotter than average. i don't think earl proprovide as much rain. warm south winds ahead of the next cool front. it's this front that will help give earl just a bit of a push. right as it comes up into the area of maryland. take a look again as we go forward in time. the forecast model doesn't make it down in any big wait a minute this is just going to be an extremely close call with this hurricane. we know we will get a lot of beach erosion and huge wave action in ocean city. 70 tonight. tomorrow hot, back in to the 92 range. quiet tomorrow. things start to pick up as we go into the day friday. you will notice some gusty
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winds and storm action down east. this weekend cooler, sunny and a good-looking labor day but big problems on the water. >> thank you. >> a woman said herbed bugs have run her out of her apartment. she said she had been fighting management because she claims they knew there was a problem and rented to her any way. >> reporter: stephanie moved in to this apartment back on march 9th after her husband was sent to texas text for training the air force. she said it seemed nice and then already children started getting welts. >> i was treating it like mosquito and getting foggers for mosquito. >> reporter: it wasn't until june she found other apartments had these, bed bugs. she said she has documents showing they had been spraying
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her building for months for it even before she moved in. all of her things in bags and he is in her mother's house but still paying for the apartment she said she can't live in. >> they had said to me, we will just come out and spray. that's all we are obligated to do for you. we aren't going to reimburse you even though you don't have mattresses. you can't stay but we still want the check at the first of the month. >> reporter: we contacted the owners of the complex and calls weren't returned. the health department did inspect the apartment. they said inspectors did find evidence of bet bugs though they didn't find live ones, they did find blood stains and caracas of them. she said an order has been issued to comply with pest control by september 15th and to follow a protocol. that is little consolation to stephanie. she trying to get her deposit
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back. >> i just want to see them take responsibility for the fact that they knew about this problem and help us out. if you care this is like a family focused company, help the families. you know that you breached the contract when you signed these leases with people knowing was a problem. >> abc 2news. >> we want to stress we contacted the owners and they didn't return our calls. apple has announced it's latest batch of goodies. today was a redone apple tv. it'll run $99 and let users rent episodes for 99-cent and movies for $4.99. apple revealed a new ipod touch with features similar to the iphone 4 and a redesigned ipod shuffle. what purse appeared to be a sparkling deal for consumers
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losing some of its luster. a diamond class action settlement has been thrown out and will have to be reheard by the coast. what you need to know in another don't waste your money. >> reporter: remember that big diamond class action settlement in 2008? if you are like some in greater baltimore who have been checking the mailbox every day waiting for your check, now it appearance lue have so wait longer. the settlement is going back to a united states district court where the whole case has to be reheard. that after an appeals court threw out the settlement. under the first deal which is now null and void they agreed to pay $275 million for price fixing on diamonds. anyone who bought a diamond was eligible for a partial refund but the they appealed court has ordered the whole case reheard. the new hearing will be held at the convenience of the
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court meaning when it gets around to it. that means you may be waiting for that check two years now. for more go to the website so you don't waste your money. >> stay with us. we will be right back.
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. press box sports report. presented by mr. basement. >> this is keven height was press bott sports report. mark folger traded to baltimore this off season. he probably won't guess to face his team tomorrow night. ravens want to see third stringer stringer troy smith for the entire game. he has been 16-25 for 151-yards and one touch down.
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the coach kicking off his second season the same way as the first on the road. they. last year townsend opened the 47-14 loss at northwest eastern. more local sports check out prose box
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and six with live reports ocean city and of course we will be back tomorrow night at 11. on friday good morning maryland starts one hour early at 4:00 a.m. and our live team coverage will continue throughout the day and you can always get the latest on the website abc >> there is a lot of good stuff on the website. also just another local it as of late tonight national hurricane center a stronger storm now with 140-mile per hour sustained winds. it's a powerful category four turning north as we speak. back here tomorrow once again a relatively quiet day. one more quiet day. hot, sunny and we will look for things to turn on friday. especially to the east. that's for sure. we will track the storm. >> expecting activity late thursday night into friday morning. >> thursday, tomorrow night. north carolina for maryland it'll be through the day on friday. they have a big storm coming in then. should track just off shore but just a little close for com
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fort. tomorrow track runs, we will now more. >> thank you very much. we will stay on top of it. thank you for joining us. abc 2news. also on twitter, thank you for joining us and have a great day. [ female announcer ] think it takes hours
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